This Site Answers All Your “Does The Dog Die” Questions

This Site Answers All Your “Does The Dog Die” Questions

Have you ever searched, “Does the dog die?” before watching a movie or in the middle of it because you knew you weren’t emotionally ready for it? Did you know there’s an entire website dedicated to that? Yes, is a website that tells you if the dog dies at any point in the movie or not so you can skip it or just close your eyes for the duration of the scene.
The site allows the viewers to mentally and emotionally prepare themselves for what about to hit them as a surprise.

Understandably, some people might not want to be surprised by cute little pup’s death, and that’s precisely why this site exists. Only a pet owner knows how much it hurts when your beloved partner dies, and it might hit even harder if the death was a recent one. You can use this site before watching any movie not to wake up all those emotions once again.

Now, let’s talk about how the site works. You type in the name of the movie you want to inquire about. The website “” will tell you in a simple “yes” or “no” along with a few user comments who’re also fellow pet lovers, most of the time. Knowing beforehand will help you rest easy and relax while watching the movie because you’re sure there won’t be any surprise pet deaths coming to your way.

This site doesn’t only tell you about the dogs. You can even find out about cats, horses, and all other sorts of pets or any animal in general. Be aware, though, as searching on it might also reveal potential spoilers, which might make the movie a little less exciting and thrilling for you.

There are plenty of movies without dogs dying, but if the movie you’re going to watch has one, then it would be best if you carry at least one tissue because even if you know a death is coming, it might still hit hard at the moment.


When does the dog die in John Wick?

The dog dies at the start of the first John Wick movie. If you want to avoid watching the dog die, then you can start viewing it from the 17-minute mark, and you’ll be good to go. However, the entire movie is about getting his revenge for the dog’s life. In John Wick 3, the dog gets shot but doesn’t die because he’s wearing a protective vest.

How does t dog die in the Walking Dead? 

T-Dog dies in episode 4 of season 3 titled “Killer Within.” T-Dog dies when a horde of walkers invades the prison courtyard. A walker bites T-Dog’s shoulder when he’s trying to secure the gate. When they run out of ammunition, T-Dog sacrifices himself to let Carol escape safely.

How does the dog die in Crimson Peak?

The dog is killed by Lucille in Crimson Peak. But, it happens off the screen at around 1:35:00. You don’t actually see the dog die, but you can hear him yip.